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About me

Your life’s journey does not always follow straight lines. Negative feelings and experiences can cause your life-lines to become crooked, jagged, or broken, and may leave you feeling as if you’ve reached a dead end.  Turning around may not be so simple. Going forward may not be so direct. Perhaps you may need to find a whole new line to walk.  At this point it is good to pause to explore all your options.


My approach to counseling is centered on this journey of self-exploration. I use integrative counseling techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and evidence-based mindfulness approaches, which can lead you to acceptance and commitment toward a more peaceful and calm way of life. Whether you experience depression, anxiety, co-dependency, grief, anger, or any other concern, I invite both individuals and couples to enter into a counseling relationship to work toward a better you.  I value the counseling relationship, and remain open to all your concerns in a confidential, safe, and professional environment.  


I’m a firm believer that rough paths often lead to beautiful places. Perhaps there is a new path that needs to be taken in your life, symbolically from the depths of a valley to the top of a mountain. Accept the challenge, be thankful you’ve begun, go there with someone you can trust, and when you’ve reached the top behold the beautiful view from above.  Your journey begins with a single step.

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