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Are you a new client at Mindfulness Counseling, LLC? Get ready for your goal oriented sessions by completing the following forms prior to your first session and have them ready when you arrive. This will allow us to get you started as soon as possible and keep all appointment on-time.

•  Psychotherapy intake form

•  Limits of confidentiality and therapy cancellation policy

Get Ready for Your First Therapy Session

Release your psychotherapy information

Do you want to coordinate with another doctors, such as your psychiatrist or primary care physician? You can fill out the disclosure form below and submit it to our office. Once that process is complete we can coordinate with your other doctor and provide whatever information they need.

•  Authorization to disclose information form


Mindfulness Counseling, LLC offers flexible and convenient therapy times, so you never have to worry about fitting your appointments into your schedule.

Take the first step toward the new you! Make an appointment: 440-591-4366